yu he

Yu He is a Chinese painter, currently based in Florida, who’s work explores the simple beauty of daily experience. Working mainly in acrylic, though occasionally in oil, tempera, and watercolor as well, she deftly draws upon modernist motifs and techniques from both impressionism and expressionism to create refreshingly light and colorful depictions of her subject matter. Strong use of blues along with wide brushstrokes come together to emit a profoundly calming ambiance from her compositions. While He’s handling of paint initially creates a feeling of flatness, the subtleness of her brushwork and choice of color allows for a wonderfully satisfying play of light.

Hailing from China, He studied Law in both China and America before settling in Florida as a painter. She attended art classes as a child where she learned the rudiments of painting before ultimately ceasing to attend classes. Following this, she continued to hone her skills on her own, arriving at a style that is distinctly her own. Drawing on the daily experiences of life in both Chinese and American culture, she creates a subjective yet universal depiction of life as we all experience it.

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