ragazzo sandra

The daughter of Australian geologists, Sandra Guy’s connection to the landscape began at an early age. Traveling overseas, she watched her mother capture scenes with pencil, pen, and watercolors, sitting beside her, doing the same. Sandra explains, “I was lucky to experience many different cultures, providing me with an open perspective on life.” Sandra has lived and drawn inspiration from many beautiful places in Australia; the Blue Mountains, the Snowy Mountains, and the Mid-North Coast. She currently resides in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, providing her with subject matter for her current art practice.

Challenging the 19th Century Romantic notion dividing the sublime from the pastoral, Sandra’s work wistfully juxtaposes the two while suggesting that the sublime can be experienced in any environment. Utilizing the motif of the two-thirds sky to represent the natural environment, she often uncomfortably marries that depiction with man-made rural or suburban environments. By highlighting existing tensions between land use versus land preservation, her personal experience offers a bird’s eye narrative of intrigue and drama. Braced with a surreal yet timeless edge, Sandra’s intensely colored pieces capture heightened sublime moments expressed in big sweeping, dramatic skies, popping open the viewer’s senses.

Sandra has been a practicing artist in Australia for over 30 years, has won numerous awards, and has completed her Master’s degree.

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