olga fedorova

Olga Fedorova is a visual artist, currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She pursues a minimal aesthetic with her artworks which are predominantly a combination of photography and digital manipulation and design. Fedorova’s work includes a surrealist element, juxtaposing characters and objects against blank or sparsely decorated backgrounds.

As a photography all of her planned photoshoots were stopped due to the pandemic, therefore the most recent body of work was created in response and in dialogue with the current global pandemic. Fedorova has a degree in graphic design and photography and is continuously pursuing her education in photography and other art fields. Her previous artwork had solely been photography. Within her more recent body of work, Fedorova uses her graphic design education along with her photographic experience to process her emotions regarding COVID-19 and her time in quarantine. She creates the work to express specific messages and concepts, turning to graphic design work to pursue clarity. The works are precise with controlled color palettes and crisp edges indicating the care and time spent in reflection with each work.

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