nancy holleran

Nancy Holloran’s work attempts to capture moments of life’s fleeting pleasures. As an artist, she seeks to share her interest in discovering beauty in new places, diverse people, and to provide the rare opportunity to simply sit with the sublimity of life’s intimate and ordinary moments. She combines the uniquely nostalgic effect of the photograph, which she uses to guide her practice, with a technical mastery of the watercolor medium to effectively translate her life-affirming positivity into an experience with which her viewers can feel deeply connected.

The composition of her pieces invites the viewer into a singularly emotional experience of her subjects. Holloran’s process involves a meticulously planned combination of light watercolor washes and transparent overlays, an effort that slowly transforms her canvases into living registers of her subjects’ energy. The resulting characterization of these subjects intends to express a certain closeness, felt in the soft, delicate details of her multilayered scenes. Her desire to convey the feeling of the relationship she has with the people and places she paints suffuses her work, lending the finished pieces an ethereal, radiant presence.

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