mona taqi

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Mona Taqi us a Swedish national and former University lecturer, currently focusing on her artistic career full time. For Taqi, her art has always been a way to escape from the negativity in the world, and specifically an escape from the chronic pain she endures due to a lifelong illness. She is inspired by the women’s movement, and passionate about women-rights, focusing her work on reexamining the symbolization of the female form.

Taqi began painting in collage, manipulating different materials, such as paper, wood, fabrics, acrylic and watercolor paints. Over the years, her work evolved into primarily painting, in acrylics on canvas, incorporating media such as ink and sand to produce different patterns with three-dimensional effects. Her work shows the artist’s deep connection to color and texture, and challenges her audience to understand the deeper meaning behind the balance of harmony and discord presented.

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