mariela soldano

Mariela Soldano is a mixed media artist, working predominantly in painting and sculpture. For her, art is a language of expression, which she shares in her workshops to find fulfillment for herself and others. Soldano creates vivid images using acrylic paints that delve into the subconscious mind. She works predominantly with an earthy palette featuring rich green, brown, and golden hues, as she apples her unbridled and expressive brushwork onto each canvas. She states that her artistic process entails tapping into her subconscious mind in order to work instinctively and authentically. During this current period of isolation due to COVID-19, Soldano has created a new art series. She uses limited and closed lines enlivened by an intense color palette to create abstract productions from her stream of consciousness.

Soldano’s work as a cultural community leader has influenced the way she approaches her artwork. When she works on community projects, she seeks out that which the community is lacking. In 2020, she will be leading a regional project in South America for children to make their own antivirus shields. This is an effort to teach them to use art to process, handle, and express their confused emotions.

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