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Marjan Krošl was born and raised in Slovenia. He was introduced him to his first inspiration, his elementary school art teacher, painter Alojz Zavolovšek. Zavolovšek was an excellent pedagogue and this experience left an indelible mark on Krošl. Later in his life, he took a job as a technical drawer, and now works part time as a security guard when he is not in his studio painting. He mentored as a painter under the artist Avgust Lavrenčič. Krošl has participated in many group and individual exhibitions, most notably his 2009 solo exhibition “Marjan Krošl “Guarden-er,” at a gallery in Celje. Through this exhibition, his written work “Theory of Provolution in Contemporary Art” was published and translated in English, later to be published on the Internet.

Krosl draws inspiration from historical Slovenian and Yugoslavian art, as well as European, American and others arts, in his efforts to create a visually stimulating portfolio of conceptual works. The expanded space of his paintings is achieved through the use of triptychs or diptychs. The duality and triad of relationships within his pieces are important in his artistic message, as they suggest relationships and communication between separate pieces, working towards a common goal.

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