judy ann filipich

Judy Ann Filipich’s oil paintings on canvas drive home the power of abstraction organized in shapes of flaming reds, sunny yellows, ocean blues, and grassy greens. In the language of the early and mid- nineteenth century Fauvists and Expressionists artists, Filipich strikes an illuminating balance between the meaning of bright colors and emotional impact. The tactile application of pigment gives the viewer a window into her process of energetic brushstrokes stoked by imagination.

Tragic devastation by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, including personal loss of the artist’s Biloxi, Mississippi studio and coupled with her interest in climate change, has left an indelible mark on her motivation to paint the beauty of nature. A professional career in urban and advocacy planning has informed her paintings as well as her foray into the use of collage and recycled materials. Now working and living in New Orleans, Louisiana, she is inspired by the environment skyward and earthbound. Filipich’s paintings are a testament to a personal journey driving a passion for a new utopian landscape in which the human condition is built on happiness.

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