josé talamás abularach

José Talamás Abularach was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where he resided until he moved to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where he currently lives and works as an architect. Stimulated by his travels to areas of great biodiversity and culture in his country, he felt captivated by the places he visited, and drawn to photographing them. He began channeling the artistic restlessness through amateur photography, and has continued to hone his craft through photography classes at a local university. He describes his art as “transgressed reality,” which he achieves through digitally edited and rendered photographs, sketches, or digital illustrations. He draws and edits everything on the computer, and ensures his productions take into account pigmentation, quality, and duration with the resulting file.

As an artist, Jose won first place at the National Art Contest for World AIDS Day sponsored by the Pfeifer Gallery of Canada. Outside of his pursuits in visual art, he has found success as an architect and urban planner in Bolivia.

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