harold ong

Harold Badilles has long possessed the unique talent of being able to capture the natural world and translate it into an art form. Specializing in digital photographic processes, his work offers a true manifestation of the moments he photographs. His natural artistic ability yields painterly photographs that are rich in color, and his intentional use of space and proportions results in balanced pieces. At first glance, his work evokes a mystery that shifts to eventual understanding and appreciation of his subjects; succeeding in honestly representing how people in other cultures experience daily life, as well as inspiring contemplation amongst his viewers.

Badilles researches photographic trends, as well as tests new equipment and strategies, in order to keep his work current. Each of his photographs is a representation of what he sees and, more recently, what he believes others may see. This shift in perspective allows him to view his subjects through a different lens and expand upon his skills. Capturing a fleeting, inimitable moment, and preserving it for all to see and share, is an art in and of itself that Badilles has mastered.

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