gordana tomic

Artist Gordana Tomic tries to reconcile the contemporary and modern with the traditions of her Montenegrin roots. In her work, she uses her color palette to express different emotions, with rich colors representing pride, modesty, courage, and strength, counter-balanced by warm and soothing tones to convey Mediterranean sensuality. My thoughts and values are also reflected in the titles I give to each of my works. An innovative artist, Tomic’s work strives to reflect the many dimensions of our complex beings. Employing oils and acrylics on canvas, with a sense of mixed media, her work is somewhere between abstract and neoclassical.

In addition to her studio practice, which is based in Belgrave, the full time artist continues to research in art, philosophy and innovative painting techniques. In the past three years, she has had over 10 exhibitions around the world, as well as participating in group exhibitions. Her work can be found in private and public collections in major countries on the continents of Asia, Europe, and North America

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