fernando ekman

Fernando Ekman is a Brazilian artist with an impressive career in the world of movies. His work ranges from film directing, to set designer, to art director. Though his work has led him to many paths within the film industry, his work comes from a deep passion and speaks to themes of memory reconstruction.

Being a self-taught painter allowed Ekman to perfect his talent using different mediums and tools. The artist now regularly uses several mediums such as coal, India ink, watercolor, and oil. Ekman brings life and feeling with the effort to show the importance for all the little things that help us live. In a notable series, he draws inspiration from the forestages of the theater; the part of the stage that extends between the curtain and the orchestra, a theme that no doubt stems from his love for films and theater set design. Ekman aims to develop a narrative within each of his compositions surround themes of meaning and memory.

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