eric raffy

Originally from Bordeaux, France, Eric Raffy is a highly successful architect and furniture designer, which has lent him significant notoriety in his career. He has worked on architecture and interior designs around the world, including a Buddhist temple outside of Tokyo, the Architecture of Restaurant Michel Bras in France and the Clinton Hotel in Miami. His vast experience in working across different cultures shows his skill and flexibility as a truly international artist. A few of his design sketchbooks are held at the Louvre Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

In recent years, Raffy has expanded his creative pursuits. He has taken to pastel and acrylics on paper and canvas, creating intriguing works that explore gender, sexuality, and the human form. He is interested in the politics of the human body, and seeks to create understanding of gender as a fluid spectrum, rather than a fixed identity. He has depicted images of drag queens and transgendered individuals as subjects. His goal is to translate the faces and the souls of his subjects onto canvases, and take an introspective look at their journey.

Raffy has a significant amount of experience showing his work around the world. He has exhibited at some of the largest and most renowned art and design fairs, including the Venice Biennale, as well as participating in smaller individual and group exhibitions. He currently lives and works at his home studio on the French Riviera.

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