db waterman

Dutch artist db Waterman creates contemporary mixed media collage works with an intrinsically urban-cool feel. Her formative years as an artist were spent studying at the Art Academy in the city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands. While she had formal training as a painter, she developed her own distinct style out of the untraditional medium of collage. Her work unites a variety of materials including original photography, paper materials, acrylic and oil paints, charcoal, ink and pencil. She carefully composes each piece to create a cohesive narrative in an effort to give her work multidimensional storytelling ability.

Her body of work is characterized by her skill for reinvention. Several years ago, when she could no longer afford the expensive materials to create paintings, she began collecting an assembling found materials and scraps. She quickly found an aesthetic style and technique with which she strongly resonated. Having always loved the appearance of weathered walls plastered with peeling paint and old posters, Waterman revives this aesthetic with a keen and professional eye. The creative objective of her work is to “make something beautiful out of dilapidation.” Her tableaus explore the dissonance between old and new materials, intertwined in the most beautiful possible way to create dreamlike and melancholy images.

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