clara de bobes

Originally from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Clara De Bobes has studied drawing and painting throughout her life. Her academic training has been at several schools and universities, including the School Superior d’Art i Disseny in Palma de Mallorca, at the School d’Arts Guasch and Coranty in Barcelona, at the Museum of Artistic Reproductions of Bilbao and at the Workshop of Richard Pérez Franco from Bilbao. She received art and painting lessons from many esteemed painters and professors in Spain. She has been working as an artist since the 1960’s, and has participated in many exhibitions around the world in her artistic career.

De Bobes draws her material from a file of personal photographs and images, often torn from magazines and newspapers. Her paintings are not a literal interpretation of the photographic sources; rather, they are her own interpretation and expression of the source material. She draws inspiration from historical art, including the surrealists and cubists, and applies them to her portraits in unique, wholly original ways. Her work aims to capture that which underlies the immediately discernible in a subject, and explore, through emotion and passion, what lies under the skin of everyday reality. She draws in elements of the surreal in her creative process, drawing her audience into her own imagination.

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