christo anto francis

Originally from Kerala, South India, Christo Anto Francis is a contemporary artist living and working in Mississauga, Canada. While his background is in illustration, he has always been drawn to academic painting, and has dedicated himself to learning the art and creating contemporary paintings. He works mostly with portraiture and landscape paintings and describes his style as “contemporary realism.” In his own words, “I hope to show subtle nuances in portraiture,” drawing inspiration from historic and contemporary art, to depict the people and places that inspire him.

His work strives to capture the complexity of his subjects, whether human or landscape, and draw out the deeper humanity in a given moment. His portraits are often playful and cheeky, as he often finds humor and joy often to be the most interesting parts of humanity. Experimentation is a vital part of his thought process and in the execution of most of his pieces. He meticulously manipulates the colors and shapes he is using in each painting, using brushwork, adding textures, and profusely molding the outcome of each piece. He paints both digitally and traditionally, which allows him certain freedom with the outcome of each piece.

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