chadwick arcinue

After an almost 20-year career in business and finance, New Jersey-based artist Chadwick Arcinue decided it was time to pursue his passion in art. Originally from the Philippines, he established The Chadwick Concepts in 2018, a design company through which he promotes his art. A self-taught painter, Chadwick relies on creative intuition and experimentation to present color and texture in abstract and expressionist canvases. Fearlessly exploring bold ideas, new mediums, and original concepts, he pushes himself to expand the boundaries of his work every day.

While Chadwick’s work was originally strongly impressionistic, he developed—almost instinctively—a sense of the abstract and expressionist styles, wherefrom his artistic personality became wholly original. His current body of work is expansive yet thematic, unorthodox yet familiar, intricate yet approachable, constantly shifting but always growing. He employs bold, brisk and abrupt brushstrokes, lending visual intrigue and impact to each scene. Elsewhere in his portfolio are textured backgrounds and stately geometric forms, demonstrating his range of skill and interest. His mastery of color and surface design, combined with a keen sense of balance and sharp eye for detail, make Chadwick’s work stand out among his contemporaries.

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