chace gray

Photographer Chace Gray was born in Tokyo Japan and has lived all over the world. Chace Gray was an editor at Vogue, Glamour and Harpers Bazaar magazines. Working with great photographers and editors gave the impetus to continue photography when she moved out west. Chace Gray captures the awe of the vistas, the land of the Bighorn Mountains and beauty on the plains of Wyoming. Rejecting the norms of contemporary photography, Chace Gray chooses an unfiltered approach that adds truth and authenticity to the work. By not digitally altering her photographs, the artist lets her surroundings speak for themselves. Her philosophy of capturing the moment is best expressed by a quote from Claude Monet, “ You have to know how to seize just the right moment in a landscape instantaneously, because that particular moment will never come again, and you’re always wondering if the impression you got was truthful.”

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