barbara wykrota

Barbara Wykrota experiments with styles as numerous and varied as the boundless possibilities of life in the world in her oil and acrylic paintings. Her evocative marks capture the improvisational energy of her practice, producing works that reflect a balanced combination of intention and openness. The exciting movement of the forms themselves transform abstractions into expressive actors on her canvasses. These canvases come alive in the simple relationships of color and texture, which create the conditions for a productive meeting of a viewer’s experience with Wykrota’s investigations into the expressive power of the painted surface.

Her life experience has taught her to value art as central to both the social world and to the interior worlds of feeling that create the meaningful responses we can bring to circumstances of ease and difficultly alike. Wykrota’s art practice is strongly influenced by her socially and culturally Polish background, as well as by events of the present and her emotional response to them. By approaching life’s sometimes tumultuous changes with a strength born from experience, Wykrota imbues her representations with the cathartic energy of their creation, which becomes available in turn to her viewers through the elemental language of abstract forms.

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