Arttiana is an Armenian artist, born and raised in Moscow. She was exposed to art and artists from a young age through her family, many of whom were amateur artists, working in a variety of painting styles. This is where her passion to create was born. At the young age of twelve, Arttiana won a bronze medal at Moscow’s International Exhibition “I see the Sun,” through the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. She was in enrolled in art school in Moscow at the time, and finished a few years later. She has worked in a number of styles throughout her life, but has really found her passion and voice in painting. She currently is an active member of the notable Artists’ Union of Armenia, a well-established and respected artist’s guild founded in the 1930’s.

In her words, “The best way to communicate is to join the world of art. The love of contemplation and creativity makes the world more kind and beautiful. Every person is an infinite universe. I’m glad to invite you to my world.”

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