akinori ohtsuka

Historical imagery and traditional Japanese techniques endure in the paintings of Akinori Ohtsuka. Each painting begins with extensive research on his subjects, which are often Japanese history and mythology. He then carefully selects his tools and paints; preferring mineral colors mixed with hide glue, gold leaf, silver leaf, and sumi (Japanese ink), applied to a very thin traditional Japanese paper. His adherence to traditional aesthetics mingled with classical techniques and animation produce works simultaneously archaic and alive.

Becoming fascinated with historical documents and archival materials at the early age of 10, started Akinori on his journey of not just consuming Japanese history, but sharing it. He uses his art as a vehicle to preserve his culture’s traditions in the modern world, and to share those traditions and history with those coming from other cultures. When he is not creating his art, he works as an art instructor in Tokyo.

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