thomas lampl

Austrian born photographer Thomas Lampl has a way of capturing the spirit of life with his camera. Through his camera, he aims to paint works of art and create poetry. Each image, whether it be landscape, portrait or cityscape evokes a sense of feeling and intense emotion. For Lampl, true art lies in the purity of the photograph and his work speaks to that.

Photography has always been a persistent interest throughout Lampl’s life. As a young boy, he would form his fingers into a camera shape and take imaginary photographs; using his fantasy camera to capture the world around him. From afar, he admired his mother’s camera as he was not allowed to touch it. But as he grew, he began to understand the true art of photography and his interest evolved into the passion he carries with him today. His work is a representation of his complete creative freedom and he leaves the interpretations of his art to his viewers. With a total belief in the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, Lampl’s art is both freeing and intimate.

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