rosana largo rodríguez

Rosana Largo Rodríguez is a Spanish painter who uses natural pigments and classical techniques to achieve her surrealist style. Rodríguez meticulously arranges a variety of forms, symbols, and objects to create a dialogue surrounding current events. Her fantastical compositions emerge out of a darkened background, resembling a remembered dream upon waking. Delicate and provocative, while playing with themes of feminism, the loss of innocence, mortality, and parenthood, Rodríguez invited her viewers to rethink their relationships with the subjects depicted.

Inspired by classical literature, Rodríguez invents imaginative worlds that surround both her subjects and her audience; always improvising on her blank canvas, rarely sketching out her compositions beforehand. Using olive oil as her last layer, instead of turpentine, gives each of her works a gentleness, creating a childlike quality of both wonder and the uncanny. In 2019, Largo was awarded the Michelangelo International Prize in Rome, one of the most prestigious art awards to be received.

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