merab kardava

Merab Kardava is a Georgian artist who works exclusively in oil on canvas to procure fantastic scenes dripping with old-world charm. Kardava’s works bring his imagination to life in compositions that combine technical, stylistic and figural elements from the Old Masters, and other historical artistic traditions including the Japanese arts, Art Deco, Art Nouvaeau, and surrealism. The result is a wholly unique contemporary style that presents old techniques and styles in fun and visually interesting paintings.

Kardava is a self taught artist, who has been painting full time since his retirement from his own grocery business in 2018. His technical skills and artistic instincts are highly impressive and refined, despite his short career as a full time artist. He currently lives and works in the capital city of Tbilisi, Georgia. He has a clear and strong influence from his native country’s rich art history, which includes the old- world arts from Persia, Russia, and Eastern Orthodox religion, as well as Art Nouveau and Soviet Modernist architecture. Tbilisi is known for its bustling art scene of both old-world and young contemporary artists.

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