deborah helms

Deborah Helms has studied at various universities–including the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, and the University of Nebraska– earning degrees in the fields of biology and medicine. After expanding her artistic passions from commissioned graphite works, she shifted to acrylic as a medium to give added dimension. Now, Helms works primarily with acrylics, oils, and resin to create a combination of rich colors which elicits a flow and a calmness among viewers.

With inspiration drawn from the calming effect of Fort Lauderdale beaches, Helms’s works are paralleled in the fluid acrylic style she implements in her paintings. Deborah hopes to increase her art repertoire by manipulating hue and movement which links to the evocative nature of the waves, sky, and clouds. From the early stages of her artistic career, Helms has grown in technique and temperament.

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