christine lückmann

“Live and be happy” is the message that German artist Christine Lückmann’s paintings say to those taking in her work. Her abstract pictures come from the heart, projecting a “life is wonderful” emotion onto her canvases. “I leave the real world and immerse myself in my world of fantasy,” says Lückmann of the images that dance across her canvas through vivid colors and broad brush strokes. Working in oils, Lückmann enjoys experimenting with formats and textures allowing her images to unfold freely. Look closely and one may find a tangible image–a face or flower or birds–might appear among the abstract lines.

With a keen eye on current trends in the art world (Lückmann counts Banksy, Georg Richter, and Ai Weiwei among the influencers of artistic culture) she delivers images that are fresh and innovative. Lückmann is looking to make a global statement with her art presenting her paintings to a broad audience of art lovers, art collectors, and artists. In reaching that audience Lückmann notes, “It’s an honor to begin my journey into the international art world with Agora Gallery in New York.”

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