anina e. hathaway

Anina E. Hathaway’s artistic styles may vary but her ability to elicit emotional responses from her audience remains. Communication obstacles she has faced since birth, combined with her recent cochlear implant surgeries, have largely influenced Hathaway’s work. Her evocative compositions range from conceptualism to contemporary abstraction while often depicting her reactions toward socio- cultural norms. Abstraction allows Hathaway to project emotion and her use of chiaroscuro creates a language where she strives to inspire internal communication within her viewers unexplored emotional territories.

Hathaway wants her viewers to observe her work and to develop an understanding of her inner dialogue; she paints to express her true emotions and employs the use of photography when she wants to share how she perceives the world. A combination of the senses and a desire to immerse oneself in visual communication are essential to fully appreciate Hathaway’s compositions

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