Artist Testimonials

Since it was established in 1984, Agora Gallery has been dedicated to connecting artists with art collectors and actively promoting artists in the New York art scene. Below are some of the comments from our artists.

My most memorable moment was when I learnt that my artwork had sold. I was aware that it was very hard to sell in NY, especially as an unknown artist from another country. I have had experience with galleries in Venezuela and Japan but none of them were so efficient and professional.

T. Kodani

Working with you and all the Agora Gallery people has been a very positive experience for me. I loved the way you displayed each person's work and opening night was so much fun.

R. Sloate

I thank you for your email and the sound advice you've offered. I can tell you I have made good use of the PR and reviews that I have received through my relationship with Agora Gallery through 2006 and 2007. As a result, I now have many private collectors, a corporate client, an internationally positioned architectural firm and an interior design firm all collecting and representing my work. This is just a brief summary of where I find myself and I certainly owe a great deal to the exposure and credibility that Agora Gallery provided. I have also of course worked hard to raise my profile here through media interviews, television programming and advertising. I thank everyone at Agora Gallery for their professional work.

J. Wheeler

I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and all you have done for me, it has been an extremely positive experience with your gallery. I am hoping to once again be represented by your gallery in the near future.

K. Jarvis

I enjoyed my experience with Agora Gallery, and I thought everyone acted very professional. The art was well presented in the gallery, and the personnel were helpful and friendly. I was sorry that the show coincided with a very depressed economy, and I hope that you are able to survive this extended slow period. I have had three other New York Galleries contact me since the exhibit opened. At least there was some exposure . Several of the visitors to the Agora opening have contacted me about visiting my studio.

B. Watson

Getting the work up is what it's all about and you've done a wonderful job hanging the show. I love my spot as a lead in and a lead out wall and enjoyed talking with some of the visitors at the reception. Most of my creative time is so insular; it is a nice change to emerge briefly to share the works in public. Thanks to everyone involved.

C. Reid

I have no words to thank you and your staff. Everyone I dealt with at Agora Gallery has been so efficient and friendly. Pity I couldn't meet you all in Person. I was very pleased to hear a painting of mine was sold during the exhibition and any other reviews and comments are very welcome. I have just been offered a contract of exclusivity with a Gallery in Dubai where I will be suppliying them with Artwork for a year.A lot has to do, I am sure, with the fact that I was exhibiting in New York.Yes,New York certainly has opened doors for me.

M. Harris

I want to thank you and gallery staff for making the group exhibition in New York a very pleasant one. And also, Thank you for the newest information on the web. I am deeply indebted to you. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Sincerely yours,


Even the art market, dealing with fantasy, aesthetics and hopes,sometimes seems to be a shark pool. I think every artist has to learn this through his own experiences. Since my first contact(2003 )with Angela DiBello and the Agora Gallery, I appreciate the reliability,warm response,professional advice and encouragement. Me and my artwork – We feel in good hands!

K. Alvarez

To be represented by Agora Gallery is very inspiring. Each time when I participate in an exhibition here I feel very lucky to be given such a great opportunity. I wish that every artist would be so lucky as I am to be represented by Agora Gallery, one of the biggest and most professional galleries in New York City. Until I started exhibiting my work at Agora Gallery, I had feeling that the "doors" to be accepted in the art world were closed. Now those “doors” have opened. I have received many offers to participate in other galleries in the US and abroad. I have already lost count of how many of my paintings were sold and how many compliments my art has received.

K. Garon

I have been very happy working with you and your staff this year. I look forward to another great year and exhibition with Agora Gallery!! My best to you,

P. Fabian

It has certainly proved to be a positive experience and feel as though it certainly has helped develop my artistic career. I look forward to another fruitful year with Agora.

D. Champlin

I cannot thank you enough for your email and your kind consideration. I appreciate it very much. Once again, I am very happy to work with you and your talented staff.

M. Mansey

Thank you for the positive feed-back received! I want to thank again for the way you and your staff encouraged and promoted me as an artist in the fancy, fascinating, and overwhelming city of New York. It was my first time I have seen New York, and now, I really miss out that place. I loved the people, the crowded streets, and all the good art displayed there in fantastic galleries. I hope that you are continuing to enjoy a wonderful life and journey in the kingdom of Arts.

N. Liuta

Thanks once again for your kind words. I am very pleased to say the least that my works were received well there in New York. It has been such a pleasure working with you and your staff. You have done such a wonderful job of showing and advertising my work. I cannot express enough how I feel about the true professionalism and care that you have shown, and continue to show, toward me and my work.

C. Griffiths

I would like once more thank you and your wonderful staff for bringing me to where I am, the exhibition in your gallery was a maturing process which has really helped me get my artistic career off the ground. I even have some solgans " embracing forgotten values" and "escape the stresses of everyday life


I am very thankful and grateful to you and all Gallery Management that they encourage and promote my exhibition very well. Your given information and appreciation about my exhibition, I am very happy and satisfied. Madam, I saw your given art related links on sites about my exhibition. These links are very attractive and I like it very much. I am also very thankful to all art lovers and art professionals that they appreciate my work.

N. Ali

No sooner then I send a note to you that Maria LaCava sends me everything that I need to know. It is that attention to detail and prompt service that has made working with everyone in the Agora Gallery an amazing experience. Thanks for everything.

D. Morgan

I have found that exhibiting at the Agora has proved to be very worthwhile. Partly due to having shown my work with you I have had offers of exhibition space coming in and, in general, a very positive response to my work. Therefore I am very happy with having shown my work with you and may well do so again in the future.

M. Oliver

I received today the document [exhibition packet] so I would like to thank you for everything. New York was a great experience for me and you give me this opportunity. I really want to congratulate your team, they were kind and very professionnal.

S. Hieronimy

Angela, as you and your staff at Agora Gallery, have been extremely supportive of my endeavors, bringing enhanced visibility to my efforts, I must thank you, from the depths of my spirit. I commend you so highly, for your untiring efforts to reveal the creative aspirations, of artists all over the planet, through your astute insight, intellect, vision and expertise; you are making a definitive contribution to the human civilization process. In providing your direction and guiding force, diverse people can become one, through the connecting spirit of the aesthetic, driven, by your unique inspiration. From the moment that I became represented by Agora, my professional art career began to solidify, and never stopped its upward trajectory. Thank you for believing in me.

L. Vaughn

I have only good impressions from the exhibit. I have been with other galleries in the city and find Agora Gallery to be head and shoulders above the rest- online presence, skillful, friendly, and dedicated staff, a wealth of experience and knowledge among them, added benefit of ArtisSpectrum...I could go on and on

D. LaBella

Thank you for all of your assistance and professionalism regarding my becoming part of Agora Gallery. I have exhibited in New York for several years at a midtown gallery. At no point did I feel more comfortable, or been more impressed with the professionalism I have experienced at every turn with Agora Gallery. The staff is unbeatable. It is my intention, in the future, to associate myself only with Agora Gallery in the New York market. I feel there is a genuine spirit of camaraderie between Agora Gallery and it's artists.

S. Panasci

I like to thank you for the opportunity to be represented by your gallery, I did enjoy working with you and the gallery group and I did enjoy my exhibition. I like to congratulate you and your staff for the excellent quality of your work. I would love the idea of continuing to be represented from your gallery.

H. Michailidou

Thanks Agora-Gallery for everything. I know that in the reception day it was everything amazing;;;; I saw the photographs from the reception and they were very beatiful;;; You helped me very much, I opened new horizons! Thank you again for all the things that you've done for me.


Indeed, one year of extremely well-organized and supportive representation is over. I learned and profited a lot during our mutual collaboration, and I really appreciate all your help and high competence in promoting me and my works in the US and globally through your website, ArtisSpectrum, articles published elsewhere. Several people (artists and curators) have contacted me mentioning that they discovered me through Agora website and ArtisSpectrum, sharing with me their feedback on my work - very rewarding experience, indeed! This is a clear evidence that promotion of artists through Agora Gallery works!

D. Breitscheidel

The more I deal with all you folks at the Agora Gallery, the more impressed I am by how smoothly run everything is, you people are terrific! It has been a very easy and enjoyable experience for me...thank you

S. Hakonson

I had a very good experience in this exhibition. That will exert a good influence with my activity in the future. I wish to express my gratitude to you. Because you gave me a lot of chances. I hope that I will be able to work with the Agora in the future. When I obtain success I want to share it with Agora. Thank you very very much.

K. Inoue

I felt like I was in another dimension in NYC and my dream is to be able to live there someday. With regards to my status as an Artist, there is no doubt that it has expanded tremendously. I was instantly recognized as a professional artist and people started to buy my paintings more and more. I was finally able to present myself as I am and it all made sense. Being able to be represented by Agora Gallery is the best thing that has ever happened i


A brief note to confer my thanks and highest regards to yourself and the Agora crew. I have had the pleasure of dealing with many of your agents during the past year and wish to highlight praises one can only express towards them. I bequeath my salutations onto you, Madame, for your grand promotion of art in New York city and the quality that you warrant as a cultural ambassador. Madame, recevez mes salutations distinguées,

N. Palmer

I would like to thank you and your entire staff for your help, advice, wonderful press release, the opening night, the forwarding of my paintings, and your professional presentation of my work for the past year. Many thanks to all of you and look forward to working with you in the future.

M. Girle

I am very impressed with how well organized, well run Agora Gallery is. I think I had the privilege of dealing with a good part of the staff through emails, what an excellent team you are! I am looking forward to the opening and meeting all of you!

P. Schulz

My trip to New York has inspired a whole series, I'm really looking forward to the opening this Sunday and will certainly be thinking of my journey over there last year. Thanks to Agora I had that amazing opportunity!

K. Warren

Angela you gave me so much encouragement and support in your e-mails over time since I first showed with Agora in 2002. I have so much gratitude to you for that. I now understand that my paintings are beautiful in the way that they are supposed to be, that they are a part of God in myself, and the beauty in them is just simply the expression of love. There is just a different feeling, an awareness, about the universe now and how love and guidance works.

T. Natasha

I have only experienced the best of assistance, quick responses to questions and full cooperation with any and all aspects of logistics and advice; whether on the phone, email and in person.

B. Melsom

Many thanks for sending this message. The opening looked like a great night. I just want to take the time to extend my sincere gratitude on all the work the Agora Gallery team has done. If I had any doubt about sending my work across the world, it was certainly erased with the supportive communication and professionalism that you promote. I can not speak highly enough and I thank you for including me in this show. I regrettable could not make it but no doubt I felt like I was there in spirit.

B. Wilson

Exhibiting at Agora Gallery has been a very positive experience mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe it has enriched my reputation as an international fine artist. Everyone I have dealt with at Agora Gallery whether in person during my visit or via email have been professional and dedicated to the task at hand.

J. Lugo Rivas

The impact of being represented by Agora Gallery has made me feel as though I've become part of art history. I feel very proud to have been a part of it. Agora's staff is very professional, competent, and are on top of the matters at hand. Agora Gallery's wonderful website is the best website I have ever seen, regardless of the type of business. It is very extensive and thorough.

Rudelle (“Rudelle Fay Hall”)

I really liked the work of the staff, even in the period before the exposure. The staff was always present and available, with kindness and professionalism. I think every artist should find a gallery like Agora, where the artist can take care of his art and the gallery staff takes care of everything else.

C. Di Giacomo

The Agora Gallery staff have been extremely professional. I am impressed with the amount of people who work at the gallery and their efficiency with response to my questions. They have been prompt with all emails and courteous with their responses. They have been a pleasure to work with.

R. Rath

When I first walked in and I was greeted by the staff as well as greeted by the warmth of the guests that were on the gallery floor. I was breathless, it was a full house! "Bravo" I also was taken aback by a collector of my work. They were there on my behalf too! I loved it. It is a great feeling when I work with the staff at Agora Gallery. Nellie and the others respond fast when I have a question or a need of some kind. "Bravo once again"

M. Wayne

I would call Agora Gallery staff more a team than a staff. Starting with the Director Angela Di Bello, they are very professional, pleasant and patient. Each of them has their own part to play and I had and have good communication with all of them, they are very patient and helpful when you ask something. I'm thinking especially of Nellie , who assists with the shipment and customs. I was particularly reluctant with regard to all the customs details that seemed so daunting to me. I keep in mind that they have to deal with dozens of artist at the same time, and that I am not the only one but somehow, they make it seem like you are the only one.

C. Gaillard Perez

Representation at Agora has helped my confidence with their high quality of professionalism. In terms of my career as an artist, I have made some sales which has been great, but I also feel my work has continued to grow.

S. Mueller-Dick

Agora is extremely professional in handling the artists' work. I appreciate this attention to detail in displaying my artwork. The gallery is beautiful and the artwork can easily be seen. Every location in the gallery is a great location to hang artwork. I loved the display! It was exciting and pleasing to see my artwork displayed with great attention.

C. Galloway

The staff is always friendly and helpful and very professional. I also want to compliment the quality of the gallery. I am very proud to be represented by such gallery.

L. Steenbergen

I believe that Agora Gallery has opened my eyes as to how to get my name and artwork out to the general public. I liked the fact that Agora Gallery offered the opportunity for networking as well as ideas on how to improve my art work. The professional staff was truly professional. This was probably the best aspect of the gallery. The staff was extremely polite, e-mail responses were courteous and prompt, and offered much advice when I needed it. The magazine was also superb!

Y. Hong

I love Agora's staff. They are all smart, extremely personable, very helpful and very "on-the-ball". Although, I have shown my work in NY at various venues, I had never before considered even trying to work through a NY gallery. The driving, parking, drop-off situation is very time-consuming and those shows are so competitive and so badly hung that I had stopped doing it. But, when Agora contacted me I decided to investigate. My purpose was to try to expand my market. I went to a number of shows and openings, brought a few other artist friends along to help me decide, and then I did decide in favor of trying it. I am glad I did. It has been a broadening experience. The Chelsea gallery scene is like no other. I am glad to have been involved. My time at Agora will always be a glowing memory.

C. Medina

Agora's staff are an absolute delight to work with. It is so good to see that this world does have galleries like Agora that are truly professional, organized, considerate and deeply caring about the artists they represent. Agora could not be doing things any better.

C. Turner

I chose Agora Gallery because it is a beautiful gallery – epitomizing a New York Gallery with open space, white walls, and wood floors. The gallery displays each piece of art so it shows off to best advantage and the viewer is able to appreciate that special work of art. But most important in my decision to choose Agora was Angela. She helped me to understand how Agora could be a positive influence in my art. She continues to help me in offering directions, suggestions, and support.

J. Quest

I chose the Agora Gallery in New York because of your wonderful website, and courteous staff. I called and would talk to them and they were nothing short of professional and extremely helpful and friendly. I have shown my work throughout California, New Zealand , and western Canada and I knew that , even though I had some wonderful experiences there , New York and Agora Gallery was where I wanted my work to be represented and where I wanted to be . I would recommend this gallery to every one of my art colleagues whose work is professional as well. In closing I would have to say that not only did Angela, Sabrina, Nellie and all the rest of the staff at Agora make me feel like I was part of the wonderful Art community of New York, but also that I was family.

D. Adams
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